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Sitting by Campfire


We’ve made it our mission to enhance and expand the camping experience with sales of firewood.


The Second Fire Project (SFP) is a private, independent 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization formed and managed to support the purposes and objectives of this unique project. Climate change is one of our most pressing global challenges. Realizing that trees play a significant role in mitigation SFP is beginning to establish a partnership program that deals with outdoor recreation, conservation, and environmental education in collaboration with One Tree Planted where campers can turn their purchase of bundles of firewood into new trees.


Mission: SFP promotes environmental awareness and the planting of trees through the purchase of bundles of firewood from public and private campgrounds in partnership with One Tree Planted.

Vision:  SFP envisions collaborating and partnering with United 
States public and private camping operations which share our passion for healthy ecosystems accomplished through tree planting worldwide.

SFP values consultation, communication, conservation and commitment to making a difference with a wide range public and private campground managers nationwide.  

The Second Fire Project will serve as a doorway for the public to learn about the value of trees in climate change mitigation.



One Tree Planted

We support the planting of diverse trees in carbon sink locations and in lands recovering from deforestation or fires through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

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