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It's Our Time to Grow

Today. Now. Right this minute. We are growing. Like trees, we will take time to grow. It might not seem like a lot, but we are two solid months into our project. The beautiful oaks, pines, and cedars you see in the forest have been growing for years or decades. We are just a sprout in the proverbial forest. But it is our time. It could take more months, or years, before we are prominent in the forest but we are trying. Our roots are spreading and we are making headway in our journey.

We need people like you, readers, to help us on our journey. Sometimes plants need a little extra help to grow and we need help from you. If you feel compelled, you can go to our plans and pricing page and you can donate as little as $2 per month or give us single donations through Venmo.

We look forward to our growth and look forward to a great 2022!

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