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Planting the Seeds

So here we are. 2022. Cold air. Snow on the ground. Slight breeze. We're beginning to plant our seed. At Second Fire Project, we are beginning a mission, a partnership, with Normandy Campground in Massachusetts. Our goal is raise $1 for each bundle of wood they sell so we can help them replace what is being used. The idea is that as we take from our environment we should also give back. As we take wood used to friendships, camaraderie, cooking, warmth... we should also be conservation minded. Everything on this Earth is precious, unique, and when we take these gifts they should also be replaced.

We have partnered with One Tree Planted to help us achieve this mission. Second Fire is a gateway, a vessel, to help those who want to plant tress, but cannot do so physically. Some people like to get their hands in the dirt, grab a shovel, throw a tree on their back, and plant it but others don't have those means. By donating to us, we can help you achieve that. We will work with One Tree Planted and make sure we get you your tree.

We're just beginning. But we're ready. The seed has been planted now it's time to cultivate, watch, and grow.

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